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Hakınızda: The planetarium is also called "star theater planetarium". It uses the optical projection method to project the fixed star plates onto the spherical dome screen and form a real starry sky visible to the naked eye, which facilitates the basic knowledge teaching of various astronomy and geography. Demonstrating any latitude on earth to see the sky conditions, realistic simulation, it is the ideal equipment for astronomy and geography teaching. These include the following:
1.To demonstrate the apparent motion of the earth's revolution -- fully automatic "anniversary motion”
2.To explain the evolution of time and special astronomical phenomena - the real-time sun motion
3.To demonstrate the sun movement to the fixed observation time (true sun) at night-counterglow motion
4.To show the planet in real time as it moves and processes - the five planets in real time
5.To explain the interactive effect of the earth's revolution and rotation -- "Sunday -- annual movement linkage", that is, when the earth rotates once a week, the sun annual motion moves a calendar grid on the ecliptic, indicating the past of a day
6.The moon's movement track and the moon phase change rule, and it has the relation with the sun movement -- the moon's real-time movement
7.To demonstrate the process and principle of the difference in time and different seasons -- "mean sun -- true sun" time difference phenomenon
8.To demonstrate the difference between the sun rise and set and the stars at different latitudes, especially the "polar day" occurrence
9.Used for the celestial coordinate measurement of the popularization of science-- active horizon circle and active right ascension circle movement
10.To demonstrate the regularity of stellar sky changes after several thousand years-- "Precession motion"
11.Video combined with multimedia technology adds mixed input function
12.Combined with multimedia technology audio files add and explain audio input mixing function
13.With multimedia devices - shutter enable/close input
14.The new navigation manual operating system can operate the planetarium system without the computer support
15.The "American mixon data acquisition device" is added on the end of the motion demonstration, which is used for data acquisition, transmission, input, feedback and so onbuy Planetarium
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